M.H. Moore  Elementary

1809 NE 36th Street  Fort Worth TX.

1957. M. H. Moore school was constructed as part of the 1956

Building Program and replaced a frame structure known as

Jarvis Heights. The architect for the 2-story International influenced.

Tarrant County, Texas Obituaries – 1938

27. “M. H. Moore, Head of Schools 16 Years, Dies,” in Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Tuesday Evening, October 25, 1938, page 1, 4.

M. H. Moore was born at Bedford in 1871.

He began teaching in the public schools in 1890, and in

1894 graduated from Sam Houston State Teacher’s College in Huntsville.

He later earned a degree from Texas Christian University.

In 1894 he became a principal in the Fort Worth schools, and in

1900 was elected County Superintendent of Public Instruction.

His career in education was long, varied, and full of honors.

He was Superintendent of the Fort Worth Schools from 1915 until 1931.

After a little more than one year of retirement, he took a position with the State Department of Education in 1933.

To the last, Moore remained true to the three major interests of his earlier years:

  • The local public schools,
  • The Bedford community, and
  • The church of Christ.

At the time of his death he still owned the sturdy log house at Bedford which his father had built before the Civil War and in which he himself had been born.

He died at his home in Fort Worth on October 25, 1938.

On the day of his death, flags at all sixty-nine of the Fort Worth Schools, at Texas Christian University, and at Texas Wesleyan University flew at half-mast.

The public schools in Fort Worth, Bedford, and several other small rural districts nearby released classes for the day so that

1809 NE 36th St

Fort Worth, TX 76106
Tarrant County

Has received a

Great Schools Rating

Moore M H Elementary School

1809 NE 36th St   Fort Worth, TX 76106

Tarrant County

Has received a

Great Schools Rating

Project Highlights

M.H. Moore Elementary School will receive a series of renovations including replacement of the life safety system, replacement of the Public Address system and the air conditioning system

This project will feature a new multi-classroom addition next to the gym.
Our office is a busy place.

Deliveries, mail, parents, students, teachers administrative personnel and construction workers come and go everyday all the time.

Nurse Station

A busy place during winter

Flue, headaches, tummy upsets.

During summer

Scrapes and falls

It is a reminder that we are alive and well.


We gather for special events,

Parent conferencing and celebrations.

To create a unity of learning,

Student, parent teacher and community.

Computer Center

Computer Center

to teach students

How to use the internet step by step,

And become web wise in using the internet.

This special atmosphere creates a mood for learning.

Language Arts


Rubrics, rules and objectives

Lectura arena

Daily routines, vocabulary, morning meeting

Classroom computer center


Study Island




Social Studies Arena




Small group guided reading

Writing Conferencing

Language Arts


Rubrics, rules and objectives.